A heart to break for longing-Uche Ogbuji

The crumpled gap in your determination
Is full width of your quick-cemented smile.
That dead rictus purloined from the mourning,
Refuses truth to those whose loving hands
Press malaria from your heaving bosom;
We call you from abyss, calm! we insist.
Your pain can only fill the vessel you provide;
Those lips upon you rain tomorrow’s beaus.
Time to lay these burning things aside.

Maelstrom boundary waters falsely still
Hint at deadly depth of opposing currents;
This is your caesure, as the ritual dancers
Pause halfway round the altar to lock eyes,
Comma of your sentence; Are you watered
Enough now the beat picks up again?
Have you rebound momentum for your pride?
Focus your eye fixed in the hurricane:
Time to lay these burning things aside.

Amoeba pseudopod extended grasp,
Your comprehension well out on a limb;
The victim at your kitty-paw remove,
While we, your friends gathered ‘neath the tree
Conclude no fireman rescue imminent.
We know that coiled sinew of leopard creep—
The leap will hurl you well beyond our stride.
Healing has unbarred the wilderness.
Time to play, these burning things aside.



(no pic available)

Uche Ogbuji was born in Calabar, Nigeria. He lived, among other places, in Egypt
and England before settling near Boulder, Colorado where he lives with his wife
and four children. Uche is a computer engineer and entrepreneur whose abiding
passion is poetry. His poems, fusing his native Igbo culture, European Classicism, his
Western American setting, and Hip-Hop style, have appeared or are forthcoming in
anthologies including The Beautiful Anthology and New Sun Rising: Stories for Japan.
His poems have also appeared or are forthcoming in sundry journals including ELF:
Eclectic Literary Forum, Corium Magazine, Soundzine, Lucid Rhythms, The Flea,
IthacaLit, Unsplendid, String Poet, Mountain Gazette, The Raintown Review and
Verse Wisconsin. He is a poetry editor and essayist at The Nervous breakdown. He
snowboards, coaches and plays soccer, and trains in American Kenpo Karate.


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