The High Price of Love and Gasoline-Sandy Green

A ’78 Chevrolet Monza wagon
rolls into the next bay:
no bumper on the backend
no glint to the paint

a guy around twenty
throws the car into park
a reedy hum dies

Pay Up Front

The engine settles and
ticks off steps as he
strides to the office,
smoothing a five-dollar bill

I shift feet, gorging my car with gas—
in the vapors

He finishes at the pump,
hands a sweating two-dollar bottle
of Evian through
the passenger window
to his girlfriend

Says: Hope we can make it on a gallon of gas.

She smiles.



Sandy Green’s poems and stories have been published in several literary reviews, newspapers, magazines, and anthologies including Bitter Oleander, Anderbo, U.S. 1 Worksheets, Ibbetson Street, and Chicken Soup for the Child’s Soul (HCI 2007). Flutter Press released my chapbook – Pacing the Moon – in 2009. I won the Whidbey Students’ Choice Contest for June 2010, and my 2011 debut middle grade book – The Tide Changers is available from Penumbra Publishing.


2 responses to “The High Price of Love and Gasoline-Sandy Green

  1. Kris S. ⋅

    This is wonderful, Sandy. You’ve not only captured the day, specific in its heat, but the risky business of young love. I’m still looking for that kind of clarity in my poems:

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